When you think of Desktop Virtualization, what do you think of? Do you picture a bunch of server racks, the hum of a datacenter, or do the letters ‘V – D – I’ come to mind? Well Gabe Carrejo and I will be presenting at Citrix Synergy in Barcelona to show how Desktop Virtualization is so much more than a virtual machine in the datacenter, Synergy Session SYN114: Make every PC a virtual desktop with XenDesktop RemotePC and FlexCast.
Desktop Virtualization is so much more than just ‘VDI’. Desktop Virtualization is Citrix FlexCast. You might be saying, but I’ve been hearing about Citrix FlexCast for years. What’s new? What’s different? The answer is that Citrix FlexCast has a new desktop delivery method under the Physical FlexCast model. This new physical delivery method is the Remote PC feature of XenDesktop 5.6, Feature Pack 1! Remote PC is an entirely new way to look at Desktop Virtualization. Remote PC doesn’t have to be the virtual machine in the datacenter. Remote PC is able to bring desktop virtualization into your workspace, your cube, your own laptop. Remote PC allows IT to turn any desktop into a virtual desktop.
You might still be trying to differentiate how Remote PC is different from other remote access solutions. The difference is Citrix HDX technology. Remote PC takes the power of HDX technology and brings it to the remote access experience while still allowing IT to monitor who is accessing and to where they are connecting. Remote PC is more than just a remote access solution, it’s an IT solution.
OK, Remote PC brings remote access, it leverages the power of HDX, but here at Citrix we are all about the user experience. Remote access is great, but we want you to have the best user experience possible when connecting with Remote PC, so we pushed the bar a little higher and added in the Citrix Mobility Pack for XenDesktop. The Mobility Pack automatically re-skins a Windows 7 virtual desktop for a more intuitive, touch-friendly user experience on tablet devices for all FlexCast methods as shown in the figure below.

Citrix Mobility Pack for XenDeskotp
Citrix Mobility Pack for XenDesktop

This is only the tip of the iceberg for the Mobility Pack, for more information on everything the Mobility Pack can do make sure you also visit the Synergy Session SYN207: Mobilise all your enterprise apps for the cloud
You might be thinking is there a catch? What about the price tag? Well it’s simple, the fact that Remote PC is a part of XenDesktop means that it is already a part of your XenDesktop license. If you have a XenDesktop license today, you can start leveraging Remote PC today. Desktop virtualization has never been easier!
Is your interest piqued? I sure hope so, and I hope you are able to make it to Citrix Synergy Barcelona to come see Gabe and I show you even more with Remote PC!