It’s going on 9 months since the AppDNA acquisition and this will be our second release as the Citrix AppDNA product group. Our 6.0 release (Feb 2012) was already locked down prior to the acquisition and was a major functionality update. The recent 6.1 release is our first ‘true’ Citrix release and carries deeper branding and a variety of other enhancements.

 Point releases don’t tend to attract as much attention as major versions so what might you expect from this release? Well, if I were to give it a theme it would probably something like “we’ve got your back”. Having joined Citrix we have the opportunity to reach so much wider than we ever could before and, in doing so, we want to ensure a great, intuitive experience from install to import and reporting.

We’ve made significant improvements in:

  • Installation – 12 screens down to 4
  • Configuration
    • Setup wizard – built in configuration validation and a much simpler experience
    • Install capture wizard – Its now easier than ever to setup a virtual machine integration to process non-msi applications
    • Lakeside integration – new UI with filtering to streamline audit/rationalization activities
  • Help – context sensitive and revamped install and user guides
  • Web spider – more robust and configurable

One key aspect of this release has been our integration with the Citrix license server. Some benefits of this are:

  • Availability of AppDNA from the product downloads area
  • AppDNA licensing available from the regular licensing pages
  • Trial mode – now the AppDNA download comes with 10 apps available to import and analyze right out of the box, 5 windows apps and 5 web apps (trial install will only work on a phyiscal machine)
  • For Citrix channel partners access to Citrix pricing and new AppDNA SKU’s

The licensing changes have also allowed us to simplify our offering and we now have just two bundles (Availability since July 16):

  • Standard – Windows client and server migrations, web apps and 64bit assessments
  • Enterprise – Standard offering plus application virtualization, server based computing and Production manager for automated application packaging

So, if you combine the latest enhancements with the maturity of the product delivered in our 6.0 release you’ll see that there has never been a better time for changing the way you:

  • Do your Windows 7 Migration
  • Evaluate and go 64bit
  • Embrace desktop and application virtualization

AppDNA will save you time, reduce your risk of failure and save you money on your transformation or application management, it’s that simple.