Application Streaming experts need no introduction on the capabilities of RadeRun switches. Here is more about the switch that we have included with v6.7.

RadeRunSwitches option is specified in the client registry under HKLM\Software\Citrix\Rade\RadeRunSwitches (Reg_SZ) and it has different values such as -c, -C, -d, -D, -x. Among these values, RadeRunSwitches -x is widely used. Adding a switch to RadeRunSwitches allows very quick addition of an in-sandbox command prompt for any streamed application. Add the switch using Regedit;  launch the application to get a command prompt inside the same isolation environment as the launched application. By default, the user gets a 32-bit isolated command prompt. (For a refresh or more information, see the blog from the Architect, Joseph Nord. Thanks Joe!)

From Application Streaming v6.7, Citrix supports 64-bit application wherein Admins can profile 64-bit apps and stream it to the end users. When you add RadeRunSwitches -x and stream a 64-bit application on client, you get a 32-bit isolated command prompt. Go to C:\windows\system32 and open a separate command prompt to get the 64-bit isolated command prompt.

To get a 64-bit isolated command prompt by default, use RadeRunSwitches -X (caps on) in the registry under HKLM\Software\Citrix\Rade\RadeRunSwitches (Reg_SZ).

Happy Streaming…