Besides preparing/planning NetScaler sessions for Barcelona, working on current projects, training the field, and doing customer meetings, watching the Olympics until past midnight PST time this past two weeks has been brutal for my already lack of sleep 🙂  But I am completely inspired and Citrix products do make a difference by allowing people to work from any where and any place – so sessions at Synergy Barcelona is worth the trip!
Here are some samples of the NetScaler sessions that we are planning:
And one that you really cannot miss is the NetScaler customer panel session.  Let’s not tell you how great NetScaler is but the customers will provide their story on the problems they faced and how NetScaler solve those issues.
We also have Summit sessions that we are gearing up and don’t forget the Learning Labs that were all gold at Synergy San Francisco.  Here is also details of the other sessions summarized in last week’s Synergy blog.
Hope to see you there!