The development around Branch Repeater and Repeater platforms has undergone some major rapid improvement in the past 4-6 months.  Including the release of  SDX 1500 and 2000,  un-paralled in its ability to support high scale concurrent HDX sessions, Repeater is slowing beginning to become a force in the wan optimization market.  Thanks to heroic efforts from engineering and product managment- many of the roadblocks holding BR back are no longer critical issues. We know realize need to continue to prove the stability but putting our money where our mouth is but we are definitely accelerating on the right track. Here are a few highlights that require highlighting:


6.1.1- Enhanced  H.323 stability

6.1.0– signed SMB2 support with Kerberos (supports NTLMv2)

·        Encrypted MAPI (with multi domain Support)

·        Support for WCCP L2 with NSLB on all platforms (SDX and general BR appliances)

·        6.1 Repeater Acceleration Plug-In

·        WCCP Mask enhancements to support low end routers

·        ShowTechSupport – Diagnostic Data Collections – Some UI enhancements

·        Branch Repeater VPX on Hyper-V

6.0.8- increased H.323 supportability

6.0.7– Increased stability, enhanced reporting and diagnostic collection

6.06- Support for the Branch Repeater for NetScaler SDX 500/1000/1500/2000 Appliances