This is what a XenClient Enterprise administrator should understand about setting the date and time.

The time displayed in the Launcher (Dom0 time) on a XenClient endpoint comes from the Synchronizer. Just make sure the Synchronizer time is set correctly, and all deployed VMs will have the correct time. If the user changes the time in a VM (e.g. sets the clock back an hour) the clock will revert to Dom0 time when the VM is rebooted. If the end user lives in a different time zone from the Synchronizer, all they need to do is change the time zone in the VM and they will have the correct time. The time displayed in the Launcher (Dom0 time) will always be displayed as local Synchronizer time, regardless of what time zone the client is in. Managing the time from the Synchronizer is a great feature because it ensures that everybody’s clocks are always in sync.

In a nutshell: Set the time on the Synchronizer, not the client. It’s ok to change the time *zone* in a VM, but not the time.

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