EMEA CSAs, did you know that a simple web page can get you to Citrix Summit and Synergy in Barcelona for free? All you need to do is start syndicating Synergy web content from your Citrix Showcase. A complete web page has been prepared with messaging, banners and a video and it’s ready to go live on your site. The steps to launch this are simple and described below. The benefit of syndicating this page is to increase your chances of winning a free pass, but hurry because this offer ends 30 September. Here’s how it works: promote Synergy on your site to more customers and for every three customers who enter your company name and location in the referral box during their online registration, you’ll receive a complimentary pass. There is a limited number of free passes so start syndicating the Synergy page.

How to syndicate the Synergy showcase

The Synergy page is fully prepared and ready to be seen on your site. All that is needed is for customers to find it. Get started now with five quick steps:

  1. Go to the “Help” page located at the top main navigation
  2. Click on “Marketing Tips” from the secondary navigation
  3. Select the Synergy button under “Button Links”
  4. Click on “show code” and apply it anywhere on your site

This button is pre-coded so it will link to the syndicated Synergy web page. A sample Synergy page shows you the messaging, banners and video that your customers will see. Please note that if you do not use the Synergy button, customers will not see the syndicated Synergy page; they will continue to see your syndicated Citrix showcase as usual without any change. Please use the button now and remove it after the Synergy conference.

Not syndicating? Try it.

Citrix Syndication is an ideal web delivery tool to better manage your web content and it’s free! Take the next step towards syndication and start delivering Citrix content quickly and seamlessly while also generating leads with value-added resources. Register for the Citrix Syndication program at the Citrix Syndication InfoCenter.

Contact SharedVue Support

For more information about syndicating the premade Synergy web page from your site or for questions in general about the Citrix Syndication program, please contact SharedVue at citrix@sharedvue.net.