The new Access Gateway, released a couple of days back, as part of the bigger CloudGateway 2.0 release! CloudGateway 2.0 is the perfect realization of the Citrix vision – ‘Work and Play, from any where, any time, any device’.

Access Gateway is a critical component of CloudGateway, and fulfills the ‘Any Where’ part of that vision, by providing Secure Remote Access to end users, on the move. Access Gateway, as a part of the bigger CloudGateway solution, allows secure remote access to hosted Windows apps & desktops, web resources, SaaS applications and even native mobile applications.

As part of this release, Access Gateway brings the following new features in context of CloudGateway:

  1. Receiver Auto Discovery Support – Access Gateway now supports Email based Auto-Discovery for Receiver. With this feature, the end user just needs to give his Email address in the Receiver and Receiver auto configures itself and publishes all the resources that the user is entitled for. When doing this configuration from outside the corporate network, it is Access Gateway which helps Receiver do this self-configuration.
  2. Secure Browse support – Mobile Receivers launched as a part of CG 2.0, now support Secure Browse. Secure Browse is a client side HTTP rewrite technology, which theoretically allows access to any and all web resources in the corporate network. To make this work, Access Gateway needs to coordinate this with the Receivers.

Apart from the CloudGateway integration discussed above, Access Gateway also brings the following new features:

  1. CVPN Access to OWA 2010 – Access Gateway has supported OWA 2007 for a while now. One of the most important features our customers have been asking us for, is CVPN access to OWA 2010. With this release, we support it now. 🙂
  2. Simplified Remote Access Wizard – A prime initiative for us, has been to simplify the configuration of Access Gateway. As a part of this initiative, we are launching a new Simplified Wizard – Remote Access Wizard. This wizard helps our customers in configuring an AG vServer from scratch, and configure Certificates, Authentication and Remote Access to XenApp / XenDesktop and CloudGateway, in just a few clicks! So go launch some AG servers.. 🙂

I will be detailing some of this very soon. We are committed to making Citrix Access Gateway, the best Secure Remote Access appliance to your Citrix deployments and beyond. So, Work and Play, from anywhere, any time, any Device! 🙂

New Blog on Remote Access Wizard Policies available at – /blogs/2012/08/13/citrix-access-gateway-10-0-69-6-release-remote-access-wizard-policies/