Mobile Email is the killer app that must be addressed first as part of any corporate IT mobile strategy. At Citrix we decided to get serious about mobility and target a solution at the core of a typical IT challenge today.

A native iOS email app that satisfies IT security requirements and users won’t hate.

Beyond that we also have the opportunity to provide a superior user experience, leverage existing IT infrastructure, plus provide seamless integration with ShareFile, GoToMeeting and other custom & ISV  apps.

From an IT perspective the requirements I hear most include:

  • Prevent corporate data from leaking to personal services like Dropbox and iCloud
  • Remote wipe of Corporate Data when a device is lost or an employee leaves.
  • Easy deployment with existing Exchange servers.
  • A safe BYOD solution

From a users perspective, requirements include:

  • Easy self-serve enrollment – No I don’t want to give IT my phone for the afternoon..
  • Privacy and control of personal data – No it’s not OK to wipe my entire phone with my photos etc.
  • Off-Line access to email and documents to be productive even when not connected.

Until now IT has had limited choices to deploy oppressive solutions that users object to, or accept the security limitations of native iOS. Simply open a native Apple email attachment and save it in Dropbox for an example of data leakage that is all too convent for a well intentioned user and not recoverable by IT. I’m also often challenged by users who say Apple email /PIM can’t be improved on, then I provide a few examples like Calendar sync problems with Exchange, scheduling a Meeting with others or replying to an email and attaching a document .. Yes there is lots of room to provide a better experience for a business user.

Among the recent announcements of Cloud Gateway 2 was MDX mobile experience technology that will include a Citrix native iOS email/PIM app that satisfies IT primary requirements and users will appreciate. For more information about Cloud Gateway 2, how it enables Mobile App Management and more, check out Natalie’s blog and stay tuned for availability.

Note that this new email app is a true native iOS apps that also runs off-line.  For companies with more restrictive requirements that don’t allow any corporate data on a mobile device, the Citrix GoldenGate email app that is hosted on XenApp is available in tech preview here.

In the mean time let us know your requirements from an IT perspective , or pet peeves as an iOS business user. We plan to live up to the ” Think Mobile First ” mantra and provide the Better ( & Best ) solution…