We all curse and whine about the ever-growing stream of emails in our inboxes (for me, the 2 times a year I clear my inbox I throw a party!), but email continues to be the predominant form of communication in both the personal and professional arenas.  Specifically, the ability to access email via a mobile device significantly boosts employee productivity, but often keeps the InfoSec guys up at night as well 🙂

As some of you might have heard, as part of our CloudGateway 2 launch, we announced the impending availability of a mobile mail app built on top of Citrix MDX technologies.  Our goal here is to deliver a compelling UX coupled with a mobile security model that caters to core enterprise needs. As we strive to provide an experience as close to that available via Outlook on a PC or Mac, we will also enable useful interactions between the major productivity apps, such as mail, browser (MDX Web Connect) and the ShareFile docs to further enhance the value a user derives from the mail app.

Email is a great candidate app for the containerization features offered via MDX App Vault, given the volume of local content that typically gets stored on the device for offline access.  With encryption, remote lock/wipe and prevention of data moving outside the MDX context (i.e., data stays within apps that CloudGateway manages), IT has the peace of mind, while users enjoy the convenience of mobile email.  In addition, the MDX Micro VPN functionality available for web browsing in CloudGateway 2, when extended to a native mobile app like mail, has interesting security advantages.  It obviates the need to expose your Exchange infrastructure via a dedicated DMZ proxy, and instead lets you leverage a common security infrastructure like AccessGateway.  The policy enforcement part of MDX rounds up the security story with fine-grained controls that can be enforced contextually.

I can’t wait to put this app into users’ hands and solicit feedback! In the coming weeks, we will keep you posted on the specific release plans of this application.

Happy mailing!

Citrix CloudGateway Mobile Application Management