CloudGateway began its life seven months ago, and now we’re launching the game-changing CloudGateway 2, the first enterprise mobility management solution from Citrix. Since CloudGateway 1 launched we’ve had hundreds of excellent conversations, demos and PoCs with customers in many different industries. In short, we’ve learned a lot about current problems related to growing enterprise mobility and how customers see CloudGateway 2 as solving those challenges. Here is a synopsis:

  • Manufacturing organizations are using CloudGateway to help them take full advantage of the mobile apps now available for core ERM and CRM solutions. They can elevate manufacturing line productivity with mobile devices and mobile apps, resulting in larger profit margins.
  • Healthcare organizations are enabling BYO for doctors so they can be fully productive on their mobile devices (accessing patient records, etc.), while at the same time remaining compliant with regulatory requirements.
  • Large financial institutions are telling us that Citrix is the ‘only vendor that can provide one management platform for all apps and devices, including mobile, with the required security levels.’
  • Media, entertainment and construction companies say ‘CloudGateway and ShareFile truly mobilize my data. Who would have thought I could edit Microsoft docs on an iPad???’
  • Oil and gas customers are rapidly developing native mobile apps and deploying mobile devices for field workers. CloudGateway is the ‘only solution we’ve found for effectively delivering the new mobile apps alongside corporate intranet web apps, virtual apps and SaaS apps.’
  • Telecom customers are creating new revenue-generating services in mobile app delivery aligned with their mobile device and voice/data service business.

Our customers are excited about this new release as it gives them a solution to enable mobility in their organization. But of course, our customers aren’t shy about giving us plenty of feedback on what else we can build into to help them even further! We look forward to hearing from you about your experience with CloudGateway 2 and what you need to take mobility in your organization to the next level.