You know how there are those jobs out there that you think “I could do that; it doesn’t look so difficult?” I know folks think that about marketing–especially engineers for some reason. And then there are those jobs that befuddle you and make you wonder how the heck those professionals do that. In that category I put doctors, hardware designers, amazing chefs, people who design highway on and off ramps in cities, and virtuosos of any kind. You know who else I hold in that high regard? System Administrators and any person in a supporting technical role who helps me continue to do the things I know how to do by consistently doing the things I do not.

Today we celebrate those folks who help fix the little things, who don’t mind asking the same question over and over–did you reboot?–and who are always there when we need them to keep us up-and-running. Whether it’s your brother-in-law Dennis who comes to your rescue when your printer breaks down just before you have to print out that really important report to the tech gurus in your office and offices all over the world who keep our technology ticking and the internets running:

THANK YOU! We couldn’t do what we do without you.