In January, we announced Citrix Channel Enablement events and the response is awesome!

Channel Enablement is our roadmap of workshops and boot camps in your area and across the Americas created to keep our partner community up-to-speed with our new technologies and go-to-market sales messaging.

So, what’s next?

Expanding the number of events and the number of students who can attend the boot camps and workshops! Plus, we are testing a new format and piloting a NetScaler Boot Camp with a different delivery method called “Hub and Spoke”. This means the instructor will be in our Santa Clara office (hub), and we will have an SE in each remote location where the training is being offered (spokes). The training will be streamed to the different locations via GoToMeeting, and attendees will be able to ask and get their questions answered live. By using the Hub and Spoke method, we will be able to reach more partners and many more locations.

What events are coming to my area?

Go to the Channel Enablement page on My Citrix at You will be able to view course descriptions, prerequisites and click to go right to the registration page. Or, check your email around the 19th of each month to see the events coming in the next few weeks. Webinars are included in this email too.

Is there a cost?

Citrix Channel Enablement workshops and boot camps are open to all Americas CSA partners and most are available at no charge. Eligible partners can use MDF and COOP dollars for travel as specified in the 2012 MDF/COOP guidelines.

We look forward to seeing you at an Enablement event soon!