In a few short weeks, the next version of Receiver will enable customers to mobilize their corporate Intranet, web, and Windows apps; provide single sign-on for SaaS and web apps; secure corporate data on BYO devices;  run native mobile apps; and more quickly provision BYO and corporate devices!Access to apps and data in one Receiver

Apps and Data From Any Device
When used in combination with CloudGateway 2 and ShareFile, Receiver will give users access to all of their corporate apps and now data on every one of their devices. With this release, Receiver will give users a single, secure workspace to access cloud apps (web, SaaS and XenApp hosted Windows apps), while locally running their data and native apps (including native mobile apps on mobile devices). User will always have access to the resources they need to be productive, on any device.

One Receiver
More than that, a combination of features will simplify the deployment of Receiver. Our One Receiver initiative will enable users to download Receiver from, a company download page or an app store for mobile Receivers then active it knowing only their email address or a single server address, bringing major simplicity to organizations.  CloudGateway will automatically configure key settings and advanced software functions such as ShareFile Integration, VPN access, offline apps, and the new Lync optimizing HDX Real Time Media Engine, as applicable on the chosen platform. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for users to obtain and use these great new capabilities.

Receiver for Windows: CitrixReceiver.exe becomes the standard for Windows users moving forward
All of the great new features above are a key piece to the next release of CitrixReciever.exe. Importantly, these newer capabilities will not be included in the “enterprise” version of Citrix Receiver for Windows. In fact you may have noticed that we recently moved that version to the Legacy client software download area on and relabeled it Citrix Receiver for Windows (Legacy PNA).  That version will continue to support a few very specific use cases, most notably Smart Card authentication, until comparable capabilities are added into the core CitrixReceiver.exe.

In the future, all enhancements will focus on the single CitrixReceiver.exe.  Planned updates will include smart card support that eliminates the need for browser involvement – something customers have been requesting.  CitrixReceiver.exe updates will also support Windows 8, IPV6 and many other advanced features so that every user will have access to the most advanced capabilities via a single Receiver.

New Options with Windows 8
Importantly, Windows 8 is almost here and will bring a number of amazing new capabilities including an array of stunningly elegant touch-enabled ultrabooks, tablets and Windows Phone 8 devices including many based on ARM processors. Users will have a choice of using CitrixReceiver.exe on their Windows 8 devices in desktop mode or use a new Receiver for Windows Metro, a preview of which will be on the Microsoft Windows app store soon.

CitrixReceiver.exe will have the more advanced HDX and security features including client drive mapping, Lync Optimization, 3DPro graphics,  and full VPN access for Intel based Windows 8 desktops, tablets and ultrabooks.  Receiver for Metro will be particularly nimble for use with both Intel- and ARM-based Windows 8 tablets and ultrabooks and will have an efficient touch-based interface.

We are all very excited about these new enhancements and what we have planned and expect them to benefit you in many ways.