BenchmarkFor many organisations today, the speed and accuracy of their estimating and quoting processes is fundamental to the survival of their business and efficient business processes.  With technology advancements, customers are demanding faster quotes and expecting more from their service suppliers. Now with Citrix XenApp and Benchmark Estimating Software, organisations can improve the mobility and productivity of their estimating team whilst reducing their IT overhead.  This not only saves costs but also allows organisations to produce faster quotations for greater customer satisfaction and increased market share.

Benchmark Estimating Software is utilised by over 2,000 users in multiple countries and industries to improve the productivity and control of their cost estimating processes.  Developed by Benchmark Estimating in Australia and with offices and Resellers across the Globe, Benchmark Estimating Software has been deployed by customers using Citrix technologies for many years and has recently been verified by Citrix as being “Citrix Ready Technology”.

For many organisations, have their estimating libraries and all quotes in a central database application that is secure and controlled is critical.  Benchmark Estimating Software facilitates this and utilises the power of the industry’s leading database systems as well.  Combining these benefits with XenApp offers organisations a powerful, mobile estimating solution that helps businesses grow in a controlled manner.

About Benchmark Estimating Software

Benchmark Estimating Software is regarded by customers as being easier to use and more flexible than competing estimating products.  Key features include “Routines” for smaller, day-to-day quotes, “Auto Allocate” to price a client’s bill of quantities and “Power Routines” for a major maintenance project.  Benchmark Estimating Software also contains a “Regionalisation” feature for larger companies that operate across a wider geographical area and a powerful “Three Point Estimating/Risk” module that generates a minimum, most likely and maximum price for a Project based on expected fluctuations in pricing and probabilistic analysis.  The software is used mainly for asphalt, civil, construction, facility management, landscaping, mining, utilities and water projects in both the private and public sector.  For further information visit the Benchmark Estimating web site.

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