There is some news to share about the Citrix Mobility Pack.

  • Citrix has released a new revision of XenDesktop called XenDesktop 5.6 FR1.  With this version of XenDesktop, it now supports the Citrix Mobility Pack and the Citrix Mobile Application SDK.
  • The SDK documentation is now available in Japanese and Chinese.  There has been much interest in Asia and this documentation should help the developers in that region.
  • Jason Conger and I will be presenting about the SDK at BriForum 2012 Chicago on July 24, 2012 at 4pm.

We have started work on the next version of the Citrix Mobility Pack and SDK.  Customer feedback played a major role in prioritizing the features.  It is still not too late to voice opinions about what the SDK should support.  However, the window for changing the requirements is quickly closing.