There’s a lot of requests from customers on  how to do unattended installation of XenServer. In fact XenServer allows to be installed within a view minutes when having the right infrastructure in place. Unattended installation in XenServer is similar to Linux operating system and provides a lot of options to customize behaviour and process.

The installation guide covers a part of it but does not go into every detail of all sections.

Find here some more details on how to do unattended installation for XenServer 6.

Below topics are covered in this document:

– How to create an unattended file?

– How to establish an installation server (PXE)?

– How to integrate drivers in unattended installation?

– How to integrate updates in unattended installation?

– How to use post installation scripts?

– undocumented unattended parameters

– and much more

Note: This no official Citrix recommendation and documentation as it was developed as part of a project implementation. Feel free to use it at own risk.

Here’s the link to the document: XenServer unattended Installation

Have fun!