In continuation to the introductory blog over NetScaler Command Center MPX (/blogs/2012/06/27/netscaler-command-center-mpx-simplifies-and-scales-deployment-of-citrix-solutions/) by John Gudmundson, this blog will unveil the core ingredients of NetScaler Command Center MPX Complete Solution.

NetScaler Command Center has been providing Central Orchestration over a software solution till now. We have now taken up the external dependencies and aggregated those into “The Solution in a Box”. In this solution, Command Center operates on CentOS 5.5 64-bit operating system with MySQL 5.1.48, 32 bit Database. All of this runs over a XenServer VM. To boost the power of this setup, it supports 500 GB of Hard Disk with 20 GB as software partition and 480 GB as database partition.

This entire package of solution provides an uninterrupted management over a High-Availability setup. It keeps the database in complete sync with two way MySQL database replication through an automated channel.  With the help of an automated this setup also provisions facility to store DB backup & restore at the time of need. You just need to specify the path & rest is automated.

Command Center stores a lot of information over regular operations. NetScaler Command Center MPX has built-in auto monitoring for disk space. It generates an SNMP trap the moment disk space utilizations exceeds 90%. This utilization level can be set by the user to any desired percentage.

Now, after getting acquainted with these details, the question is, how easy is to get Command Center MPX aboard? Once Command Center MPX is rack mounted, you can perform initial configuration using serial console or by direct Ethernet cable. Once done, you will just need to login with default credentials, run the Command Center configuration script “”. This script will prompt for information on IP address of Command Center, XenServer and the others along with NTP server details. Once the system restarts, you will have your appliance up and running.

This being a High-Availability setup, similar level of configuration needs to be performed over Command Center Secondary node. Once both the nodes are functional, you will just need to run a script on the primary node to initiate a High-Availability setup. How more easy can this get!! 🙂

Command Center MPX has no external database and licensing dependency. It doesn’t need additional hardware for deployment. It reduces overall maintenance expenses on hardware and software. It increases scalability and provides an intelligent and secure solution being single box and contained. It puts forward a Complete Solution in a Box!