In a virtual environment we can have many streamed applications, local applications and also different versions of same streamed applications becasue they are running in an isolated environment. So in this kind of mixed environment we may sometime wonder – am I using the streamed application, if so we may want to know more details like format of the streamed app like VHD or DIR and other details.

Now we may think that we can open process explorer and check the same. First of all it will show all the running processes, so to differentiate streamed applications from them we need little more knowledge that every streamed application is running in an isolated environment we can simply say them “sandbox”. This sandbox is actually an exe called “Radelauncher.exe” or “RadeSandbox.exe” (later only applicable for versions 6.7 of offline plug-in). So all streamed apps will have parent process as “Radelauncher.exe” or “RadeSandbox.exe”, no wait some application’s direct parent process may not be radeluancher or radesandbox even if they are running under the same sandbox.  Even all these info may not be sufficient to know your streamed application.

So written a tool a simple exe which shows streamed applications running in your system. It also shows how may sandboxes are running in your system, how many apps are running under each sandbox. Clicking on them we get more info like whether this applications available online or offline, if possible their AppHub or file share. We also know how many streamed apps in my system using VHD format, how may using DIR format etc. Settings related to VHD is set in my system or not, apphub is set to run streamed application with services because streamed application with services only allowed to run if the apphubwhitelist entry is present and the apphub is trusted for the same. So knowing all these info about streamed application is always a better way to know your application isolation environment and even may be useful to troubleshoot them.

Little more details how this tool work is that it reads envrironmental details of every process. This is not straight forward, reading other process environmental details need proper access to read process environmental block – we are not going into much details on this. All streamed process has application isolation related details like GUID info (unique for each profile) in their environmental block and tells this the streamed application and give us lot other info. This is one of the safest ans surest way to recognize a streamed application.

Well now I want to give a screenshot of the simple tool and a link to download the same. Suggestions, comments and enhancements for the tool are always welcome. This tool needs latest dot net framework 4 or later.