Updated Aug 28, 2012. OSX Mountain Lion is here!!! And we are more excited than ever about its debut. If you are currently using Receiver for Mac (11.5), you should be able to continue using it when you upgrade to Mountain Lion.  The Receiver for Mac 11.6 update planned for release within the next two week will provide formal support for Mountain Lion. And, as announced at Synergy San Francisco, that update is CloudGateway 2 enabled with great new features like email discovery, ShareFile integration, and web cam support! And it will also be Mountain Lion Gatekeeper friendly.

One of 200 features being introduced with Mountain Lion, Gatekeeper makes it safer to download apps by protecting you from inadvertently installing malicious software. Its protection applies to files that are downloaded or emailed to you. Gatekeeper has three settings: App Store Only, App Store or Identified Developers, or Allow Any Application. The Receiver for Mac update will be signed as an Identified Developer averting an install time warning messages for some users.

On the Access Gateway front, the current version of the client does not work on Mountain Lion but we have just release a beta version of it that does work. You can find that verson at Access Gateway Plug-in 2.1.3 for Mac OS 10.8-BETA.

Receiver Updater for Mac will not support Mountain Lion. Our plan is to integrate update features into Receiver for Mac in a future release.