I recently wrote a seven part blog series on the desktop transformation process.  Step two of the DTA – “Application Assessment” – involves a manual review of the application estate and determines the most appropriate delivery mechanism(s) for each application.  Since writing this blog post, I’m pleased to say that AppDNA has joined the Citrix team and has quickly become a key component of the Desktop Transformation Assessment (DTA).

Here are my top three reasons you should use AppDNA during your next Desktop Transformation project:

  1. Complexity.  Identifying and resolving application compatibility issues are specialist skills that take considerable expertise to do well.  AppDNA not only identifies the issues for you but also provides detailed information on how they can be resolved.  If you miss application compatibility issues during the assessment phase, they’ll inevitably become more expensive and time consuming to resolve later!
  2. Application Delivery. It can be hard to choose the most appropriate application delivery model for your apps – installed, hosted or streamed.  Some applications may not be compatible with 64-bit operating systems, Terminal Services or application streaming. AppDNA provides detailed information to help you make the right decision.
  3. Time & Cost. The application assessment phase of the DTA can be very time consuming and is the number one reason that projects are delayed.  AppDNA is fast!  All you need to do is import the application, analyze it and then review the results.

There are many other reasons why you should use AppDNA.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to see AppDNA in action yet, then I highly recommend that you take it out for a test drive.

Andy Baker – Architect
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