On July 10th, the Citrix CloudStack community team will be holding a one-day, online seminar featuring top open source strategists and technologists speaking about what you can use to build, manage, and deploy an application in an open source cloud computing environment.  Here’s how the day is shaping up…

We’ll start with the basics—an introduction to open source cloud computing by  Mark Hinkle, Senior Director of the Cloud Computing Community at Citrix–and then dive into the fundamentals with sessions on CloudStack and the Xen  hypervisor.

Ross Turk, VP of Community at Inktank will join us to discuss Ceph—an open source object storage, block storage and network file system that provides high performance, reliability and scalability. Diane Mueller will explain PaaS (Platform as a Service), and introduce Stackato.  Stackato is a commercially supported application platform (based  on the Cloud Foundry open source project) that lets you create a private PaaS.

We’ll switch gears a bit and Sebastian Stadil, CEO of Scalr, will explain to us how to take the repetition out of managing our servers’ lifecycles by using Scalr, an open source cloud management solution. Hortonworks will give us a DevOps style talk on Apache Hadoop—what it is and how we can harness its power to process, store, and analyze massive amounts of unstructured data.

We’ll finish out the day with a case study from David Chamard that demonstrates how cloud.ca was able to leverage the best of  two open source cloud worlds by integrating CloudStack with OpenStack Swift via custom authentication code.

For details, including the agenda, please visit the Events listing on citrix.com: http://www.citrix.com/English/NE/events/event.asp?eventID=2326659

See you (virtually) on July 10th!


Geralyn Miller
Principal Cloud Evangelist, Citrix Systems