Greetings Community Comrades!

The “Geek of the Week” blog series highlights one of our exceptional community members each week, so you can get to know more about them, and what they do in and for the community!

Our Geek of the Week is:

Brandon Shell
Practice Manager – SBC
Splunk – San Francisco, CA
(Brandon is based in Florida)

What was your very first IT project and what was your role?

My first IT project was upgrading a large number of computers for one of my dad’s clients. I was the “doer.”

What do you like most about working with technology every day?

The puzzles that technology brings and the satisfaction of solving complex problems.

Besides being an IT architect/consultant, what other industry & job appeals to you?

Wait… there are other industries?? I think I would like being a Design Architect.

What is your favorite Citrix technology and why?

Hmmm… this is a hard one. I have a love/hate relationship with XenApp, but if Citrix was to narrow their portfolio down to one product, that would be it.

What technical events are you looking forward to attending this year?

The CTP Summit and Geek Speak Live! at Synergy Barcelona. If you are talking public-only event, then I think BriForum.

Who is your favorite DC Comics superhero and why?

This is a hard one… I guess it’s between Green Lantern (cause he can create whatever he can imagine) or Batman (proves you can be super if you just work hard).

What do you like best about being a Citrix Technology Professional (CTP)?

Networking with other CTPs. The technical content is great but the relationships are priceless.

Which scientist (any field, past or present) do you most admire and why?

I guess Brian Greene. I appreciate how he takes complex concepts and makes them simple.

What was the biggest Citrix deployment you’ve architected/implemented, and what were the takeaways?

400 XenApp servers with 30,000 users. Takeaways: Scalability matters and seemingly insignificant numbers become significant at scale.

Who is your favorite character in the Star Wars saga and why?

Yoda… well duh! It’s friggen Yoda!!!

Find out more about Brandon by:

  • Following him on Twitter @bsonposh
  • Catching his awesome technical sessions at Geek Speak Live! at Synergy
  • Meeting him at Geek Speak, BriForum and other community events
  • Waiting for SNL to pick him up… the dude has a natural talent for funny!

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