Those of you on current SA for XenDesktop Enterprise and Platinum Editions are now entitled to use Remote PC and download the XenDesktop Feature Pack 1 bits here:

For everyone else, download and give it a try!   You will need to login with your MyCitrix account, then select “Custom Download”.

The components you need for Remote PC are as follows:

  1. Desktop Delivery and Components (not necessary if you already have XD 5.6 broker in your deployment)
  2. Virtual Desktop Agent Update (this is the agent that is installed on the physical PCs)
  3. Remote PC Services (optional) – this service attaches to a XD 5.6 broker and autoassigns the user to their machine without IT/HelpDesk intervention, and the user doesn’t have to remember their machine name/IP address ever again

To deploy:

  1. Install XD 5.6 broker (about 10 minutes) (install the DesktopDirectorUpdate and GroupPolicyUpdate if desired)
  2. Install Remote PC Service on the XD 5.6 broker (again, optional) – configure the XML file (about 3 minutes)
  3. Install VDA pointing to broker using the install string in the eDocs (make sure to install with command line switches noted in the eDocs Installation section) then reboot and login locally once – the user is now assigned to their own dekstop
  4. FINI – test and enjoy!

To see it in action, check out the video here:

For more information on installing see the eDocs repository here:

Let us know how it goes for you!

EDIT:  You may also notice as Al mentioned below, that Touch-Optimized Desktop is enabled by default when you connect to Remote PC (and VDI VMs for that matter) – if you haven’t had a chance to train your users or modify your support mechanisms for it yet, make sure to adjust the GroupPolicyUpdate included with XD 5.6 FP1