I attended the Mobile Video Optimization Conference in lovely, almost sunny Brussels last week to provide any support to our soon to be Byte Mobile compatriots. I was expecting to hear a lot of rhetoric about the growth of mobility and how video will crush the current 2G and 3G networks that exist today- basically the “sky is falling” mantra.  What I did see is that most organizations that are involved the mobile video space- content providers, software and service providers and the mobile operators themselves, all looking at the growth of video on smart phones and tablets as the perfect vehicle to improve the quality of experience for mobile users.  When I pause to think about this, Its very similar to what Citrix does everyday in our portfolio of services; improve the user experience of users, anywhere on any device.  Granted the end to end delivery of video and data on the mobile operator network is a new Citrix challenge.

The real value that can be extracted from optimzing the mobile networks is not in the network- its on the network.  Value based services that focus around quality of experience for users is the next great challenge for mobile operators, virtual network operators, content owners/providers alike.  That is where ByteMobile can help Citrix become the next great enabler for any device, any where delivered with guaranteed quality of experience. Exciting stuff no doubt.