Citrix now offers a hardware based version of NetScaler Command Center for the ultimate in centralized management ease-of-use and network solution scalability. Command Center is a management and monitoring solution for Citrix networking products including NetScaler MPX, SDX and VPX, Access Gateway, Branch Repeater, and CloudBridge. This tool is used to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot the entire global application delivery infrastructure. Centralized management simplifies operations by providing administrators with enterprise-wide visibility and automating management tasks that need to be executed across multiple devices.

The new NetScaler Command Center MPX is a dedicated single-system configuration management appliance and includes all the functionality offered on the current software version that is bundled with NetScaler Enterprise and Platinum Editions. This platform is a turnkey deployment solution enabling administrators to quickly setup without buying and installing servers and component software. It includes licenses for XenServer and MySQL database server for plug and play use. This eliminates external database dependencies and licensing, and removes the need of additional hardware deployment. Overall maintenance expenses on hardware and software is minimized. By leveraging a hardware solution, hundreds of individual Citrix networking products can be centrally managed. As a result, administration overhead is reduced, IT productivity rises and users report fewer usability issues.

Command Center MPX scales to unprecedented levels. With a multi-core processor design and high capacity 500 GB hard disk drive, this platform is capable of supporting well over 300 Citrix networking appliances, both physical and virtual, with extensive log files. The maximum number of managed devices depends on the number of counters and system logs, polling intervals and length of data history. This appliance is capable of managing 449 NetScaler counters per managed appliance from 34 different counter groups and over 25,000 syslogs. Three default reporting tables provide polling data intervals and history for: five minutes with 14 days; 60 minutes with 30 days; and daily with 365 days. Customized reports are easily created.

To top it all off, the NetScaler Command Center MPX appliance includes dual redundant power supplies for added reliability and is configured for maximum flexibility with four copper gigabit Ethernet ports (included) and four SFP (fiber or copper) ports. The included database is pre-configured for High Availability (HA) use. The appliance is sold as a HA pair.