DNS is a critical IP service that needs optimization and security for improving user experience. Security attacks can flood DNS servers making them non-functional. A combination of a high-value security target and maintaining high availability makes DNS servers a crucial asset of the network. A highly reliable and secure DNS architecture is essential for any data-center. NetScalers have comprehensive DNS capabilities built in the software. For over 5 years, NetScalers have provided an intelligent architecture that delivers performance and scalability, while offering protection against network attacks.

NetScaler DNS support includes:

  1. In-memory ADNS/DNS Caching
  2. DNS Resolving
  3. Any-Cast DNS
  4. DDoS Protection
  5. DNS Policy Support
  6. Rate-limiting and response re-write policies
  7. A range of DNSSEC capabilities such as prevention of Cache Poisoning, verification of origin response, and, DNSSEC signing

NetScaler DNS Services provides  a comprehensive and scalable solution for optimal user-experience.

In contrast, F5 recently announced DNS services for their appliances.  Their technology clearly lacks maturity in the DNS space that NetScalers have attained with the number of years the technology has been out in the market. With numbers such as response/second, that will clearly outperform F5, NetScalers are far more superior to F5 appliances in both capabilities and value to customers.