We can’t avoid consumerization, so how can we make the best of it…

Kurt Roemer, Citrix Chief Security Strategist and Stacy Bruzek-Banerjee from Citrix Solutions Marketing will discuss in this on-demand webinar the hard-learned lessons associated with mobility projects, the needs of today’s highly mobile workforce and the security models required to embrace consumer-grade Android and iOS devices in the enterprise.

Topics of discussion include:

– Mobility pitfalls and lessons

– People-based mobility requirements

– Consumerization and BYO models

– Android and iOS in the enterprise

– Mobile survival strategies

Backed by real-world experience and proven best practices, let us show you how Citrix makes bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives simple and secure for your organization. Securing employee owned devices need not be a daunting task. Citrix can help your organization implement a simple, secure BYOD solution that lets you empower people to choose their own devices – including employee owned Android and iOS devices – to improve productivity, collaboration and mobility.

View on-demand Android and iOS Security webinar to learn how.

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