The new HP Client Virtualization SMB Reference Architecture for Citrix VDI-in-a-Box

Ninety three percent of organizations intend to provide flexible work environments by 2013.

Not surprising if you look at our own workstyles – most of us use a combination of laptops, tablets, and mobile phones every day to get our work done.

According to a survey of senior IT decision makers, organizations across the globe are widely embracing mobile workstyles as a way to empower business innovation. The Citrix Global Workshifting Index, indicates that by the end of 2013 ninety three percent of organizations will have implemented workshifting policies, up from 37 percent which currently offer workshifting for part, or all, of their workforce.  Forrester Research found that over half of employees currently work from multiple locations and by 2016 over 200 million will bring their own devices.

This trend is happening across businesses of all sizes, especially when you consider that the bulk of the businesses are SMBs.  A recent study by AMI Research found that 99.9% of all companies are Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs with fewer than 1,000 employees. SMBs account for over 80% of the global workforce and drive over 60% of the IT spending.

But SMBs are faced with a dilemma – how can they support the growing mobility trend and give users the flexibility they crave without IT having to support and manage this device proliferation?

This has led to increased urgency and interest around desktop virtualization aka VDI – by decoupling the corporate desktops, applications and data from the end point devices using virtualization, IT can now deliver anytime, anywhere, any device access without having to manage each endpoint device.  And, by centralizing and consolidating the desktops and data, IT streamlines management while greatly improving security.

SMBs want to deploy VDI for these reasons, but need to do so within tight budgets and limited resources.  The new reference architecture from HP and Citrix offers a simple and affordable solution for SMBs to deploy virtual desktops for less than the cost of traditional PCs.  Based on the latest HP Proliant DL 380p Gen 8 servers and Citrix VDI-in-a-Box, this solution is an appliance-like configuration that is quick and easy to deploy and scales like Lego blocks. Each HP Proliant server running VDI-in-a-Box acts as a self-contained appliance and has all the functionality you need to provision and manage virtual desktops.  To scale, you simply snap together these appliances like childrens’ building blocks and  VDI-in-a-Box automatically load balances and manages high-availability across this grid.  Desktop administrators manage the grid through an intuitive point-and-click web console.  Key features like high-availability and rich user experience are built-in.  HP thin-clients tested and validated as Citrix Ready are also included in the RA.

This solution eliminates over 60% of typical VDI costs and enables you to deploy virtual desktops within current PC budgets.  Click here to view to press release.  Check out our solution brief today and look for a technical whitepaper(reference architecture) – coming soon.