Given the positive feedback on Qualys integration and the Knowledge Base (KB) article for it in previous blog, here is a similar KB for Cenzic.   Although NetScaler Application Firewall (AppFW) came out long time back with Cenzic integration, now with NetScaler 10 the converter is also now part of the NetScaler GUI vs downloading the XSLT file.   The KB gives exact steps from Cenzic Hailstorm Enterprise Arc to downloading the file to uploading the output file to NetScaler AppFW.
Here are some captures Cenzic GUI that can also be found in the KB article CTX133285:
Here is a capture of selecting an app to test with from the Cenzic Hailstorm Enterprise Arc suite:
And this one on how to download the output file:
The rest of the KB should be similar to how we did the Qualys integration steps.