Enhancements to the Citrix Syndication program are live! These changes will offer many new benefits, but registered partners need to reset your  password to your Syndication Partner Console.

Why the Change?
Citrix Syndication is changing to the newest version of the SharedVue syndication platform. This will provide valued Citrix partners with a complete range of Citrix product content, plus resources for lead generation. Other features will include:

  • Real-time reporting on web analytics
  • Lead tracking to better enable you to close deals
  • Search engine optimized content for customization of your SEO campaigns

No Work for You
Automatically opting in to the changes requires no effort from you. Your website’s Citrix content will automatically change and continue capturing leads for you. You will, however, have access to some new features and to take advantage, you will need to reset your Partner Console password. Resetting your password applies to partners registered for Citrix Syndication.

Once you change your password, you will be able to:

  1. View statistics and metrics related to the customers that visit Citrix Syndication on your web site
  2. Use tools to monitor and manage sales lead information gathered from site visitors

Not Registered for Citrix Syndication?
Visit the Citrix Syndication Info Center for more details about how content syndication works and to register. Once you register, you will have access to your own private partner console that includes step-by-step instructions on how to start syndicating Citrix content and resources directly from your web site. Plus, from the Citrix Syndication Info Center, you can view several sample partner sites complete with available content and test drive all of the lead capture forms and view each of the resources ranging from data sheets, white papers, videos and more. Syndication is an ideal web delivery tool to better manage your web content and it’s free!