This theme will update the look and feel of NetScaler AAATM/Access Gateway Enterprise to the Symphony theme which is aloso found in the NS 10 Admin UI. This theme is designed to work with NetScaler versions 9.3.x and 10.x.

Theme Options:

These can be decided on when the theme is installed depending on the desired configuration. More options such as Captcha will be available in a future theme option.

Base Symphony Theme
Base Symphony Theme with a Domain Drop-down for login. Please follow additional required steps in CTX118657
more theme options coming soon!

How to Implement the Symphony Theme:

Andre Perry has assisted with the creation of a very nice shell script that completely automates the installation of the theme. This script will:
  1. Check to see if the theme is installed already and if the installed version is up-to-date
  2. Automatically download the latest Symphony theme from the Citrix CDN site to the NetScaler you are implementing the theme on.
  3. Extract all files to /var/vpn/themes directory
  4. Modify hard-coded theme build references with specific installed 9.3.x or 10.x build
  5. Copy content to /netscaler/ns_gui and /netscaler/portal locations on flash
  6. Add entry into nsafter.sh to invoke routine at each system startup to check the installation state and copy custom content to flash
Simply download the installation script and name the file to the theme option that you want to implement. i.e. – GreenBubble1.sh.
Note – If the Citrix NetScaler or Access Gateway you are installing the theme on does not have internet access, you can simply download the appropriate Green Bubble Theme archive file to the customizations directory and run the script.

Download the NetScaler Symphony Theme!

Symphony Theme Auto Install Script Symphony Automated Install Script
Note: Use right-click “Save target as” to download this script and rename the file/extension reflect the theme you are installing
i.e. – Symphony1.sh
Individual Symphony Theme Packages for Manual Installs:
Symphony1 Symphony1.gz
Symphony2 Symphony2.gz

Implementation and Testing Notes:

  1. When testing the new skin, be sure to clear your browser cache via Ctrl-F5 if you had previously loaded the default theme
  2. If you have the Integrated Cache enabled on the NetScaler, you may also need to flush or invalidate the Access Gateway specific portal content
  3. None of this is officially supported by Citrix, so take it as-is.

Additional Information:


  • Special shout out to Jesse Boehm and team of Techstur.com for the creation of this skin. Techstur.com is a pioneer in the field of Interface Customization Services, adding clients’ branding elements to the Web interfaces that employees, customers and vendors rely on for application delivery and remote access. Techstur.com customizes many of the most widely-used interfaces, including all versions of Citrix Web Interface, Citrix NetScaler, Citrix Access Gateway, Microsoft Outlook Web App, Microsoft Outlook Web Access, Microsoft RD Web Access, Microsoft Threat Management Gateway 2010 and a number of others. Visit their company website techstur.com
  • Thanks as well to Jonathan Devenish for the slick streamlined sed command method of find and replace in the shell
  • And many, many thanks to Andre Perry for his *nix shell scripting prowess

Recent Theme Fixes

  • 9/5/2012 – Addressed alignment issue with Password2 field in login
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