It’s not often that one witnesses a convergence of technological trends, each of which is fundamentally altering the entire IT landscape. That’s why today’s announcement that Citrix has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Bytemobile qualifies as really big news.

First – Powering Cloud Services

Gone are the days when organizations developed all of their applications in-house, deployed them in their own data centers, and delivered them over networks that they built and managed. Think: Microsoft Office365, and Citrix ShareFile – to name just a few prominent SaaS examples. Even if the app is developed internally, it’s often running in a third-party cloud infrastructure, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or SoftLayer.

Where does Citrix fit in? Simple. Our cloud networking solutions, namely NetScaler, are already powering the world’s largest clouds and Internet data centers. You may not realize it, but Citrix technology is delivering many of today’s most popular cloud-based applications and services. Faster performance. Better reliability. True cloud scalability. All compliments of Citrix NetScaler behind the scenes.

But alas, there has been a missing link. While Citrix can ably power cloud services, as soon as that first byte exits the cloud data center, the ultimate end user experience is at the mercy of the Internet Gods. Or, increasingly, the mobile operators.

Next – Enabling Mobile Workstyles

No one disputes the impact that mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, etc. – are making on how we work, and where we work. For many of us, our mobile device (or, more commonly, devices) is the default platform for accessing enterprise apps, leveraging web-based services, and – of course – using email. But to achieve full productivity from mobile devices you need great performance, as well as a user experience identical to traditional desktops.

For more than a decade, Bytemobile has been developing best-in-class data and video optimization technologies, and is today powering the networks of world’s largest mobile network operators (MNOs). Their solutions improve the mobile user experience, while increasing the efficiency of mobile networks.  Net, net: Bytemobile solutions pick-up where Citrix NetScaler leaves off.


The combination? An end-to-end solution portfolio that marries cloud services (NetScaler) with mobile data delivery (Bytemobile) so that users around the globe can fully realize the power of the cloud in the palm of their hand. That’s convergence. That’s Citrix vision.

To all Bytemobile employees, partners and customers, welcome to Citrix!