The Cloud Era offers tremendous opportunities to Citrix partners who are willing and able to move beyond selling products. We need to change the conversation and focus on integrated solutions for challenges such as employee requests to “bring their own,” executive demands for complete mobility and the organization’s need for flexible, cost-effective IT capacity.

We need to up-level the discussion and talk directly to what customers want to do. For example, which is more compelling: 4MB of storage or 4,000 songs in your pocket? Just ask Apple!

Take Action

Structuring your story around customer goals and desires, not product features and functions, will help you sell higher into accounts and reach new audiences. Ultimately, this means larger, strategic deals and a new way to outpace the competition. RIM is a great example:  the company increased enterprise deployments of BlackBerry devices by targeting the contact who had a problem that mobility could solve. That individual was the head of sales, who recognized the potential impact mobile devices could have on reps’ productivity and the overall , pipeline.


To support partners in selling solutions, our Success Kits site has been redesigned and offers updated collateral such as presentations to executives, solution stories and customer-facing videos to open meetings.

Solving a customer’s high-level challenges not only opens the door to larger deals but also establishes a strong relationship that can pay major dividends over the long run.