NetScaler is, of course! Did you know there are three ways to scale your cloud ready network with Triscale technology? Yes! Your enterprise cloud network can scale elastically with the exact amount of performance, consolidation and capacity you need.

Go to Citrix Marketing Concierge today and launch an email campaign to your customers and prospects for FREE! Tell them about TriScale technology and collect all your leads directly on the platform. The new white paper, A Revolution In Cloud Networking: Citrix TriScale technology, explains how to deploy the multi-dimensional scaling strategy you need to build an optimized service delivery fabric for web, mobile and cloud-based applications. Search keyword: TriScale and you’ll find the campaign kit “NetScaler with TriScale Technology: Three Ways to Scale Your Cloud Ready Network (White Paper). The kit includes: email, landing page, email copy block, white paper, scripted PPT presentation and video.

Scale Up, Scale Out and Scale In with NetScaler application delivery controller.

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