Citrix and IBM are strategic partners with hundreds of joint customers worldwide across financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and other segments.  Recently, we are seeing a growing number of customers deploying at scale – over 20,000 seats per organization, and in many cases, wanting to virtualize every desktop in their enterprise.  Citrix and IBM just completed a roll-out of one of the world’s largest virtual desktop deployments to virtualize patient records for doctors to securely access patient information wherever they are. Why this growth in larger scale deployments?  The consumerization of IT has made workforce mobility with security a strategic priority for companies.

As we accelerate deployments at such a large scale; efficiency, simplicity and cost-effectiveness become key.  This is where Citrix and IBM are taking the next step in our relationship.  The new IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure is a desktop virtualization reference architecture solution built on a broad range of IBM System x and BladeCenter  servers  and Citrix XenDesktop in a way that reduces the need for expensive shared storage SANs and instead maximizes the use of local storage.  In addition,  IBM and Citrix are also building solutions based on the new integrated IBM PureFlex Systems – solutions that combine virtualization-ready server, storage and networking components into a single system.  Couple this with the efficiency that only XenDesktop provides in supporting not just a VDI model as other solutions do, but with its unique hosted-shared desktop model that is 1/6th the cost of VDI, you now have an effective large-scale cost-efficient solution.

IBM is also developing a Reference Architecture with Citrix VDI-in-a-Box  – this provides simple IT organizations an easy, affordable, all-in-one solution to deploy virtual desktops at or below the cost of PCs.  Key features like high-availability are built-in using inexpensive local storage, and customers can scale their deployments by simply assembling together more servers like Lego blocks.

Customers choose Citrix and IBM for the breadth and expertise that we jointly deliver – IBM already has Global Services expertise and solutions such as Tivoli monitoring around Citrix, and 3D CAD solutions that leverage Citrix HDX, XenServer and XenDesktop to provide customers an end-to-end desktop transformation solution.  We are excited by the potential of the new integrated IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure solutions to accelerate this desktop transformation at scale.

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