In the previous blog (/blogs/2012/05/25/get-set-go-with-command-center-quick-reports/) we discussed how quick reporting can help you take quick decisions.  This blog will focus on how you can perform customized reporting for an army of NetScaler ADC and Branch Repeaters or even one or two of these appliances.

Micromanagement is something not desirable in our day to day work life. But everyone wants to get micro level information when it comes to managing your network and several entities within. Considering current deployments, the need of number of devices is racing with ever increasing requirement figures. This need is screaming for a diligent central orchestrating solution.

Centrally orchestrating, sitting at the top of everything, is what makes Command Center truly desirable. Over this, a module like centralized performance reporting makes it all worthwhile. Command Center performance reporting gives you packet level, connection level and even keeps you closer to the runtime picture of your deployments.

With the support of counters of this level, playing as the backbone of performance reporting, Command Center adds a layer of customization. With this customization you can add as many different type of counters and define a template called custom report. You have quick report to perform instantaneous reporting without defining any template. But, when you want to see everything under one report, custom report is the solution to your need.

This custom report can be run across as many devices as needed.  Once you do that you can also add aggregation on the various counters selected.

Figure 1 showcases, how different counter data can be represented in different format for better visibility of information under one report. These graphs counters are from HTTP, TCP and System Disks counter groups with a selection of one or two counters from each group.

Everyone has different needs, a need to look at their deployments in their own-defined angles. These custom reports, gives you a way to look at your deployment with as many angles you need. In the end all I would like to say is, capture the right angle with Command Center customized performance reporting!