When you find something you like, you stick with it. Say you are invited to a friend’s birthday dinner at a new local restaurant. The meal is fabulous, the atmosphere is great. You can revisit the restaurant and make it your new local favorite. The benefits of making it your favorite local restaurant may be they see you as a regular and offer you specials, free drinks or a better table. You know what to expect and you know what menu choices make you happy.

The same case can be made for daily application management. If you use an automated application testing, remediation and management approach for your Windows 7, XenApp or App-V project, you see the benefits of that investment right away. The project is on time, on budget and can be deployed with less risk to the organization. Don’t just plan a “one and done” project with your application management software investment. Plan to make automating testing, remediation and application preparation a part of your daily application management strategy.  

What are the potential cost savings of automating daily application management? Use this new application migration planning resource to walk through the steps, calculate the cost savings and develop an initial plan for daily application management.

There are hundreds of new applications entering the environment each year – new versions, new application requests, mergers and acquisitions that bring different applications into the application portfolio. Don’t limit your team to just saving time around projects like your Windows XP migration, save time every day in managing applications. Imagine seeing significant time and cost savings testing, remediating and preparing applications for day-to-day tasks.

After the migration, application management continues. AppDNA software saves time, cost and risk when new applications, patches, service packs or new technology initiatives impact the IT organization. No need to reload your entire application portfolio- the AppDNA software stores your original application information and can reuse this “DNA” information for your day-to-day application management needs.

Remember the AppDNA software tests against your local customized OS—or multiple versions of your local OS—and your customized version of XenApp or App-V. You’ll see if a new version of a business-critical software application will have application compatibility issues on your current OS, virtualization platform or with other applications running in your environment.

Streamline day-to-day application compatibility and simplify application management. By clearly understanding how regular patches, service packs or technology initiatives will impact the application environment, your organization can take care of applications on a regular basis with AppDNA software. Risks are known before application deployment.

For larger focused projects like VDI, cloud hosting or combined application deployment initiatives, AppDNA software determines the impact of changing the organization from a physical platform to a virtualization option. No more guesswork or late-night estimates—AppDNA software reuses the application information from the previously tested application portfolio to model the application compatibility in virtual settings, including VDI scenarios.

Unique forward path modeling can easily determine the best application deployment scenarios. Use application data and AppDNA software to determine if a Citrix XenDesktop, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 configuration might work with your application portfolio. In one fast and accurate report, model best-case scenarios and second choice plans for different technologies.

Prepare for new application deployments, Windows 8 or a hosted private cloud project by taking care of applications on a regular basis.

The Citrix AppDNA Application Migration Workbook allows you to explore application management options by providing pertinent information about application compatibility testing and the migration process. Start with this workbook when outlining your plan to migrate to Windows 7, developing a virtualization project strategy or investigating the ROI of automating application management on a day-to-day basis. Enjoy the time and cost savings that can be realized with automating application management – and have more time to go to dinner at your favorite local restaurant.