What are your plans for this long holiday weekend? Are you planning on driving somewhere fun with your family or, flying somewhere exotic with your friends? Although, you know you should be getting this time off to rest and recharge your batteries, you just can’t stop thinking about all these pending items at work and how you should be answering some important emails. Well, a new era has arrived my friend! With our Workshifting Solutions it’s possible for you to take care of your personal life AND stay on top of your professional one.

How? Well, to be effective, a Workshifting strategy must address two fundamental requirements: people must be able to work in the same way they would in the office, with full access to desktops, apps, files and collaboration. A recent study found that an overwhelming majority of the organizations surveyed—93 percent—plan to provide a flexible work environment within two years; 37 percent of those 93 percent already do*.

So partners, tell your customers how workplace flexibility allows people and organizations to be free from the constraints of the traditional office. People can choose the ideal time, place and device for their work. Go to Citrix Marketing Concierge Today and check out our brand new Workshifting campaigns and materials. Customize your own emails, upload your contact lists, blast your email and track all your metrics directly through the portal. And believe it or not, it’s all for Free! So, bring this opportunity to your customers and show them what flexibility and mobility is truly about!

Move work. Cut costs. Delight employees.

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*Citrix, Workshifting: A Global Market Research Report, 2011