In previous NetScaler 10 Application Firewall (AppFW) blog, I discussed all the different AppFW features that are now available in NetScaler 10.  Now, here are the details on how to really go about taking the Qualys Scanning tool output into NetScaler AppFW rules.  Thanks to our AppFW DevTest team, Citrix Knowledge Base (KB) article CTX133269 is available on all the steps you need from going to the Qualys site and to converting the output file to AppFW rules.   Here is a glance of the Qualys Guard Enterprise Suite but all the steps are in this KB.
Through NetScaler GUI, a simple video was also created (similar steps as above) on how to take the Qualys Scanning tool output file to NetScaler and shows the steps to select which conversion you want – whether it is Cenzic or Qualys.  After doing this selection then it will display all the rules that one can select to enable or not.  You can then go back to the signatures and make changes as you need to.  Video now available through CitrixTV.