People take their work home. And to the soccer field. It goes with them on their commute, to customer sites, branch offices,project locations and hotels. Today’s workers no longer confine their work within the traditional bounds of the physical office.

Tell your customers how Workshifting solutions deliver a simple and secure way for people to stay productive no matter where work takes them. Providing people with secure, high-definition access to virtual desktops, apps, files and online collaboration.

Customize your own Workshifting campaign today! Access Citrix Marketing Concierge and search “Workshifting“. You’ll be able to choose from the campaign selection below for Free:

•    Workshifting – Taking Work to an Entirely New Place Called, Anyplace (White Paper): Send this campaign to your customers and offer them to download 2 white papers. These papers discuss the forces driving the rapid rise of workshifting, the forms it can take, the IT challenges that must be addressed to enable it, the technologies now available to unlock its full value and the resulting benefits for the business.

•    Workshifting – Empower Business Mobility. Take your Work with You. (White Paper): Through this campaign you’ll be able to offer your customers and/or prospects to download 2 white papers around Workshifting. You’ll offer them to download the Citrix Whitepaper for Architects and IT Managers “Empowering business mobility through virtualization” and, the Executive Brief for the CIO and IT Executives: “Work 2.0: The shift to virtualization is on”.

•    Workshifting – Can your business weather any disruption? (White Paper): No matter what the circumstances, your customers can keep people securely connected to desktops, apps, files and online collaboration from any location, on any device. How can your customers ensure seamless business continuity? Tell them to read  the white paper “Achieve workforce continuity and keep your business running – no matter what”.

▪    Workshifting – Making the shift to greater workplace flexibility SEMINAR-IN-A-BOX: Run your own live or virtual event. Invite your customers and prospects and tell them more about the Workshifting Soltuion. In this campaign you’ll find an email invite, a scripted customer presentation, “How To” documents and much more!

You can choose! Go to Citrix Marketing Concierge & start customizing your campaign today!

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