One of the most popular questions heard from enterprises who want to migrate from Windows XP or start a virtualization initiative is “where do I even begin?” Many are finding a good starting point with the new Citrix Application Migration Workbook, a no-cost resource that helps the project brainstorming and planning processes. Enjoy this excerpt from the Application Migration Workbook and download the entire resource here.

Before application migration for Windows 7®, Internet Explorer®, Microsoft® App-V™, Citrix® XenDesktop®, XenApp®, VDI or Windows Server 2008® initiatives, the application portfolio must be ready for migration. Whether planning application compatibility to migrate to Windows 7 or to start a virtualization project, asking the right questions can help drive a successful project.

So what’s the best approach in assessing your environment? How do you prepare applications for migration? Are you ready to migrate? If so, where do you start? It’s helpful to have a strategy to answering these questions.

Even though formulating a successful application migration plan appears to be challenging, there are few guidelines to mitigate the risk. Consider these 4 strategic questions — their answers will form the foundation for your application migration initiatives.

  1. Will each application work on the new platform or technology?
  2. What are the options for troubleshooting if applications do not work on the new platform or technology?
  3. Are there other options to deliver problem applications?
  4. How much time and money will it cost to migrate the application portfolio?

Answering these questions up front – before migrating a single application – will allow your migration to be relatively quick and painless. However, if these questions are not answered, successful migration will be difficult. Establishing an effective action plan for an application migration can mean the difference between an expensive and time consuming process and a smooth, cost effective transition.

Use this application migration planning resource to walk through the steps and develop an initial plan.  The Citrix AppDNA Application Migration Workbook allows you to explore application management options by providing pertinent information about application compatibility testing and the migration process. Start with this workbook when outlining your plan to migrate to Windows 7 or develop a virtualization project strategy.

For a desktop virtualization deployment, combine the application migration workbook with the powerful planning tools found in the Citrix Desktop Transformation Accelerator.

Use the comments section to note your most useful section of this application migration workbook—and share any questions of your own.