As organizations move towards IPv6, driven by commercial interests or mandated by governments, they need a solution that will ease the migration while keeping the costs low and maintenance easy. For most of the organizations move towards IPv6 can begin at the internet edge for making applications available to customers, partners, remote employees etc. over IPv6. Data centers need to be enabled for mixed IPv6 and IPv4 internal access as well.

Over the years as IPv6 has gained momentum, NetScaler has evolved to be a complete IPv6 powerhouse, with features that are helping enterprises deploy applications in native IPv6 or hybrid IPv4-IPv6 environments. NetScaler’s rich set of IPv6 features enable various deployments possible which allow not only new IPv6 applications to be published to both IPv4 and IPv6 clients but also allow existing IPv4 applications to be reachable by new IPv6 clients along with existing IPv4 clients. The key to NetScaler approach towards IPv6 is ensuring parity with feature set for IPv4, which helps in providing same level of performance, security, availability and acceleration for IPv6 enabled applications.

Rich Feature Set:
1. Deployment Modes: NetScaler offers all deployment modes over IPv6 as over IPv4 including – inline mode, one arm mode, L2 and L3 deployments, MBF (Mac Based Forwarding) and DSR (Direct Server Return).

2. Management: Complete management support over IPv6 – GUI access over IPv6, telnet6, ssh6, ping6, SNMP over IPv6 and ICMPv6

3. Networking: NetScaler implements a fully operation IPv6 stack that provides support for static routing, dynamic routing (BGP, RIPng, OSPFv3 and ISIS), RHI, ND6, PMTUD, VLANs and VMACs

4. NAT: Support INAT (Destination NAT) in the following modes:

  • IPv4-Ipv4
  • IPv6-IPv6
  • IPv4-IPv6
  • IPv6-IPv4
  • Prefix based NAT64

   RNAT (Source NAT) for IPv4-IPv4 and IPv6-IPv6 modes.

6. DNS: NetScaler provides Authoritative and proxy mode DNS support for IPv6

7. Load Balancing: IPv4/IPv6 mixed mode load balancing, L4-L7 support, SSL offload, Default and custom IPv6 monitors and GSLB over IPv6

8. Application Support: Feature parity with IPv4 for content switching, compression, rewrite, responder, rate limiting and AAA-TM

9. HA: Complete HA support over IPv6 including heartbeat exchanges, configuration synchronization and propagation.

10. Security: Full functional WAF (Web Application Firewall) over IPv6 along with simple and extended ACL support, DDOS, and HDOSP

All these features come along with:

  • Best IPv6/IPv4 performance ratio: Most of the competitive solutions show significance drop in performance with respect to IPv4 when IPv6 is enabled. But NetScaler delivers the best IPv6/IPv4 performance ratio because of its intelligent architecture
  • No Additional License Fee: You need to shell our extra $$ for using IPv6 features on NetScaler
  • Lower Cost: Coexistence of IPv4 and IPv6 on NetScaler results in lower cost for organizations who are moving to IPv6 as it minimizes the changes to existing networking gear
  • IPv6 Transition: NetScaler also helps organizations move to IPv6 at their own pace ensuring that IPv4 and IPv6 communicate with each other at different stages of migration
  • Exciting Roadmap: With our commitment to IPv6, lots of exciting features are going to make their way in coming versions – this ensures your investment in NetScaler is protected as you get the best solution for your IPv6 migration