The networking sessions and labs were actually more than last year’s Synergy events, so we were excited of the interests and great turnout for lots of NetScaler sessions in San Francisco.

Here are just some examples of the session turnouts:

  • SYN324- What’s the latest, coolest and best of NetScaler session that was at 5pm right before Synergy party, the session ended up with over 150+ folks in the room.
  • NetScaler 10 Learning labs all week were busy, and the last session was even a full house on the last day of Synergy.
  • NetScaler TriScale and Application Firewall labs also had waiting queues to get in all week long.
  • Boeing session was a gold mine for customers/partners looking for a case study example
  • AOL performance tuning session was perfect for the very technical TCP experts!  And I had folks asking for the presentation right after the session.

There were lots of questions and interests after the session presentations as well.  This includes asking for the different NetScaler models we have, discussing some of the new features such as TriScale or asking for pricing 🙂

Here are some pics to show some of the sessions to give some visuals.  Some Synergy videos and session presos are available at the Synergy site for those interested for a recap. Looking forward to Synergy Barcelona in October for more NetScaler networking sessions.  Start planning ahead for next Synergy event.  If you have specific NetScaler topics or case studies you want to see further, put in comments here and we can take notes for next event or feel free to check out Synergy site for more general details on next event.