With complex needs, come complex deployments. In the realm of these complicated deployments, powerful appliances like NetScaler and Repeater-devices, support highly sensitive data and intricate conditions.

With the heavy data traffic across your deployment, you would want to keep a closer look on what’s happening at runtime, what’s the connection level and packet level information across your virtual servers or even what is the current status of the systems health at present. Information these days play a very vital role. Getting the right information at the right time in the right format, will keep you informed and give a top view picture of what’s running across your deployment.

Without the right solution, searching for such information within a burgeoning deployment, you will be searching a needle in the haystack!

Citrix networking products like NetScaler and Repeater devices enable an optimized network. Wherein the Command Center brings in the complete 360 degree View needed.

Command Center is a monitoring and manageability solution, which gives you a Reporting module catering to all the needs of the complete view.

It supports a total number of 449 counters for NetScaler and 71 counters for Repeater devices. These counters are segregated into specific type of Counter groups (Figure 1). To generate reports, Command Center performs SNMP polling for the respective counters from the managed devices and generates desired reports.

Command Center provides you to run performance level graphical reporting using Quick Reports or via. Custom Reports.

Quick Report feature enables you to get graphical reports within just couple of clicks. You just need to select the devices, counter group, the respective counter under that specific counter group and you have your clearly defined graphs generated. Just as quick as the title of these type of report says 🙂

The other way is you create Custom Report. Custom Reports enables you to create a template, which can include as many counter groups and as many counters. Once you create these customized reports, generating graphical reports is just a click to “Execute” tab away.

The USP of custom reports is that you can have customized templates, which can include a unique combination of counters which specifically caters to your need for performance reporting.

This kind of customization with a support of 449 NetScaler counters and 71 Repeater counters empowers you to get the complete view you want!

With this blog, I’ll start a series of blogs on how Command Center hits the bull’s eye with this feature. Upcoming blogs will revolve around, the power of quick reports; custom reports and how with counter polling you can have the right kind of notification with Threshold configuration.