One of the reasons we set up the Citrix Startup Accelerator was to explore what’s coming next by working with cool, inspirational entrepreneurs. This talk exposes some of our thinking around investments in four mobile oriented startups, and uses them as jumping off points to talk about emerging mobile trends. (Recorded at Citrix Synergy last week.)

Let’s peek into the crystal ball.

Last week we also held Startup.Synergy – our startup focused track at Citrix Synergy. The highlight from this track was the selection of two new companies to receive $100K each in Citrix Startup Accelerator investment. These were selected from five amazing Startup.Synergy finalists. The event had a keynote from Martin Duursma, pitches from 10 current Citrix Startup Accelerator portfolio companies, and a revealing investor panel. There will be video available of all of these shortly so please stay tuned.