I am here in San Francisco all this week attending Summit and Synergy. So I’ve decided to keep a diary of my time here so I can share my experiences of the sessions I attend and the people I meet.

Day 2 of Synergy and the conference center is now in full swing with lots of sessions going on. The day started off with 2nd keynote of Synergy, below were the highlights:

  • Clouds are NOT – lots of demos and a preview of Project Avalon
  • Clouds are built bottom up – some guest speakers providing input

The TaaS team had another busy day with lots of customer interviews again. We are receiving excellent feedback to which we will implement into the product roadmap.

A couple of the team members are also presenting a session “The Ultimate XenDesktop 5.x troubleshooting workshop”. This is a popular session and repeated 4 times. Each of the sessions sold out.

So I try to attend as many sessions as possible, so what did I learn today?

  1. WinRM and Desktop Director
    This discussion came up during a discussion with a customer and my colleague was explaining how you can use Microsoft’s WinRM protocol which enables remote management.  He continued to explain how you can use WinRM with Desktop Director.  I found the following article on the knowledgebase which explains how to enable WinRM – http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX125243
  2. HDX improvements in XenDesktop
    I attended a session with Derek Thorslund around HDX technologies. The session covered HDX capabilities, improvements and capabilities. I recommend checking out the session recording on Citrix TV.
  3. XenDesktop and storage
    Another excellent Geek Speak Live session which covered if traditional storage is ineffectual for the desktop.  There was a broad range of experts on the panel which offered wide ranging views.  Good session and food for thought when considering storage in your VDI environment.
  4. Citrix Consulting best practices are cool!
    I caught the end of a session delivered by two Citrix Consultants which were talking about how to design the desktop transformation user experience with Citrix Consulting best practices.  The session covered the use of profiles and personal vDisks, optimizing HDX technolgies for fast networks and many more I’m sure.  Another session I must check out on Citrix TV when the recordings are up.
  5. Hosting XenDesktop on XenServer
    Very popular session delivered by Desktop product manager.
    This session covered features taht make XenServer an optimal platform to host XenDesktop, something I never really thought about before as someone new to Desktop virtualization.  My background is around web/networking.  Session also covered the improvements in XenServer which will lower desktop virtualization costs.

Check out my daily diary below.

I also took lots of pictures during the event, you can find these on the Citrix Support Facebook site.


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