Toward the end of last year, Citrix acquired ShareFile to offer a cloud-based option to securely store, sync, and share files. I was really excited about the opportunities that this acquisition provided for Citrix and joined the ShareFile team in February. I was at Citrix Synergy this week to speak about ShareFile Enterprise and our great new StorageZones feature that allows administrators to configure ShareFile with on-premise storage.

The event started with a phenomenal keynote where Mark Templeton laid out our overall vision. The entire keynote is great, but if you want to skip ahead to just the section on data, it starts 41 minutes in. Bill Carovano and Bharath Rangarajan teamed up on a session that provided an overview of ShareFile Enterprise and how it integrates with Citrix Receiver.

On Thursday, Juliano Maldaner and I presented the first of two sessions (so popular we got to repeat it). The session went smoothly even though we had quite a few demos and Juliano and I were feeling pretty good about the repeat the next day. On Friday, Juliano prepared the demos two hours before the session and everything was ready. I felt so confident I didn’t even bother to bring my laptop to the session since we were running the slides and the demo on the same machine (cue horror movie soundtrack.) As we were up on stage with 8 minutes to go until we started, everything seemed fine, then we plugged in the laptop to the video out and the screen went black.


I said “no problem, we have 8 minutes just do a hard reboot and start everything again – we have time.” Second reboot and same thing. At this point, I am starting to get a little worried so I go out and ask a co-worker in the audience to borrow their laptop just to show our slides while Juliano continues to work on the demo machine (thanks Adam!) I did have a copy of the slides on a USB stick in my pocket just in case, so I thought this will be no problem, but when we stuck the USB stick in the laptop couldn’t read it (Adam – it really is time to upgrade from Windows XP.) This is where ShareFile saved the day. I had been running the ShareFile Sync tool on my machine and so even though I hadn’t explicitly backed my files up, they had automatically been backed up for me to my ShareFile account. I quickly downloaded a copy to the borrowed machine, opened up the slides and started right on time.

While the immediate crisis was averted, we still needed that demo machine running after my opening few slides, but that bought Juliano enough time to try again and this time it worked (with just seconds to spare.) You can see the relief as I hand it over for the first demo when Juliano gives me the thumbs-up that he is ready to go.

Watch as ShareFile Saves the Day!