It was quite a day at Startup.Synergy yesterday that ended in high drama. As we polled the judges for their vote for the $100k investment, after five great presentations, it became evident we might be heading for a tie. When the last vote came up, indeed, we had a tie vote on our hands. So we went to the audience for their popular vote and…tie.

So we have added two new companies to the Startup Accelerator roster and it goes without saying they were very excited. Great job and congratulations to ScriptRock and AppEnsure. (See VentureBeat story here: Citrix makes surprise $100K awards to ScriptRock and AppEnsure)

The other startups did a bang up job too Hey Maya, CumuLogic and BuildAR. Thank you to the judging panel for mixing it up yesterday, giving great feedback, and picking our winners.

    • Ramu Arunachalam – Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
    • Paul Weinstein – Partner, Azure Capital
    • Frank Artale – Partner, Ignition Capital
    • Carl Showalter – Partner, Opus Capital
    • Jonathan Siegel -Principal, Right Ventures
    • Jason Calacanis– CEO,
    • Martin Duursma – VP and GM, Citrix Labs
    • Kumar Goswami – VP, Citrix (former CEO of Kaviza)
    • Jesse Lipson – VP, Citrix (former CEO of ShareFile)
    • Chris Fleck – VP of Mobility Solutions, Citrix
    • Andy Cohen – VP of Corporate Development, Citrix
    • Matt Marshall – Founder, Venturebeat