Seems pretty easy.  One, two, three…  desktop transformation!!  (Feels a bit like we’re on a cooking show, doesn’t it?)

And if I asked you to sum each phase up into a single sentence, I bet you probably could, right?

  • Assess – What problem or opportunity am I trying to solve, and for who?
  • Design – What architecture and technology mix do I need to make that solution happen?
  • Deploy – Well, you just…  build it…  according to the design, of course.  And roll it out.  Right?

Not quite. Whether you’re someone who’s only done one full lifecycle IT project, or you’ve been working on Citrix projects 9 years across a wide range of customers like I have (shameless plug for myself, forgive me), you intrinsically know there’s a LOT more wrapped up in the concept of deploying a virtual desktop or virtual app environment.

Assess and Design – they’re certainly very important and non-trivial.  But Deploy – that’s where the proverbial rubber meets the road.  Where there’s road, there’s potholes, detours, ditches, stray cats and dogs…  all manner and form of obstacles to keep you from the ultimate goal:  going live with your virtual environment.

Well, in our Synergy breakout, SYN135, my colleague Yangzhi “Z” Zhao and I will be taking a deeper dive into this topic and sharing our experiences and lessons – many of them learned the hard way – around what to do and what NOT to do.  Without putting everyone to sleep.  😉

Now, be forewarned – we’re not going to talk at length about the ‘Build’ aspect of a virtualization project, for a number of reasons:

  • The risk during the build phase is substantially mitigated by a thorough design.
  • The build can be planned and mapped out in detail from design.  There are even configuration management tools available to manage design and changes.
  • The build is fun.  Everyone likes building – it’s why many of us got into this game in the first place.  To make cool technology a reality.  And that to almost everyone, means analyzing, designing, and building.

What it doesn’t mean is rollout planning, and it CERTAINLY doesn’t mean testing.  To some, the concept of testing can seem like a chasm so wide that the actual pilot or go-live will never actually arrive.  Like the other side of the Grand Canyon, it exists – but how to get there quickly and safely is a complete unknown.

And in many cases, there is tremendous pressure at that point of a project to “get something out the door” and start realizing some ROI.  Shortly thereafter is usually about when the wheels come off….

So in between all the breakouts with the sexy product updates and flashy new features, take some time to come check out our session and we’ll give you the know-how to actually DEPLOY that technology efficiently, and make it to the end goal of Go-Live!

And as for the “And beyond…” aspect of desktop transformation, stick around after our session and catch the finale in our series, SYN137, where Nick and Sarah show you how to keep you desktop transformation environment running smoothly!